Rejjee Nighthawk is a God-gifted indie guitarist, vocalist, rapper, writer and producer who hails from the Midwest’s music-fan capitol [St. Louis, Missouri]. He is an alumnus of the vaunted Sumner High--the same high school that launched rock and roll’s original king [Chuck Berry’s] international hall of fame career. 

Rejjee’s musical style is set apart from everyone else by refusing to be defined by genre; ranging from Jimi Hendrix-like psychedelic guitar to Run DMC-style rapping to Elvis-like baritone to Isley Brothers-style R&B, to dance-hall reggae, to Texas country and Mississippi Hill country blues, to modern Chuck Berry-style rock-n-roll, to electrifying guitar-driven rock instrumentals and blistering Negro spiritual and gospel guitar instrumentals. 


Throw-in some Wes Montgomery style jazz guitar and you’ve almost cornered the market on defining Rejjee Nighthawk’s style.  

Armed to the blue notes with talent, Rejjee plays all of the instruments and handles all vocals, mixing and mastering on New King of Rockin' Roll”  his debut solo recording [and two upcoming recordings] available exclusively at